Hi, my dear friends and welcome to Kalyakin's artworks space:)

My name is Max and I'm a professional illustrator and character designer. Have been working continousely at this field since 2010 - drawing, creating and designing.

I love to make kid's oriented illustrations and most of my characters are cute and friendly:) Although sometimes characters and illustrations might be a bit more brutal, but always with the sense of humor. 

Accomplished following courses:
- characters design for animation at CG Master Academy
- characters design and illustrations at CGTarian School
- characters design fundamentals at Schoolism.com

Worked with:

- Kasperskiy Lab
- Honda
- Choco Pie, Orion Group 
- Yandex.ru
- Mail.ru
- Odnoklassniki.ru
- MTS (Mobile systems)
and many more

What can I do for you?

As a highly experienced and passionated character designer I can create digital and vector illustrations for:
- kid's books
- product's packaging
- animation
- editorials/magazines
- advertisement posters

If you are interested in any of mentioned above,

please contact me.

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